About Comfortable Home Energy Audits

bpi certified professional

Although home energy audits have been around for a long time, they have recently become more popular. With the rising price of energy and people becoming more concerned about the environment, they are turning to energy audits in order to reduce their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.v

Comfortable Home Energy Audits believes an energy audit should not only make your home more energy efficient and comfortable but make it safer and more durable. We ensure this by taking a "whole house" approach and by using energy audit tools to perform a series of test and inspections. By taking a "whole house" approach we treat the home as an integrated system which helps us determine why the home is performing the way it is. Then we recommend comprehensive improvements that will yield high energy savings at the lowest cost.

Comfortable Home Energy Audits was founded by Kyle Heister, an independent and unbiased Building Analyst Professional, certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Comfortable Home Energy Audits performs thorough, high quality energy audits to homes all over counties in Maryland, including Frederick, Montgomery, Washington, Baltimore, Carroll and Howard. If you're located elsewhere and think you can benefit from our services, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Comfortable Home Energy Audits was formed with firsthand experience and a passion to help homeowners reduce their utility bills, create more energy efficient homes and teach people how to address and remedy home performance issues. We feel that many of the issues found during our energy audits can be fixed by the homeowner. You don't always have to pay contractors to achieve the comfort levels that you desire. By repairing the issues yourself the cost benefits are immediate. We are growing our business through trust, relationships and honest work, opposed to trying to maximize profit from our customers. By creating trust, relationships and honest work we hope customers will share their positive experience with friends and family. Referrals and personal testimonials are the best compliment a company can receive.

Comfortable Home Energy Audits is an unbiased company designed to help homeowners create a whole house energy efficiency plan and live in a healthier more energy efficient home. We do this by educating and showing homeowners how to improve their home's efficiency through building science, home performance and weatherization. We hope to give each homeowner the knowledge and confidence to perform the weatherization repairs. By sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers, comfort levels and financial returns will be felt immediately.