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After completing the home energy audit, Kyle put together a very comprehensive Home Energy Audit Report which he provided to us. The report detailed each concern he had identified, and offered suggestions for fixing each problem. His report has proven to be a very helpful resource as we begin to improve the energy efficiency of our home. We were extremely pleased with Kyle's audit and report and would sincerely recommend the Comfortable Home Energy Audits, LLC to anyone who wants an honest appraisal of their home energy status.
- Judy S.

Thanks for the follow-up.  We have completed some recommended repairs, others, including more insulation, will be done shortly, during moderate weather.

I have recommended you to Andy, Greg and Lee.  I will be interested to know if they contact you.
- Bill L.

Hi Kyle:
Thanks for sending the report very promptly. Your suggestions for improving the energy
efficiency of our home as well as your report exceeded my expectations. Thank you. I also liked
the way you embedded a picture in the report. It helps to understand what you are talking about.
I will definitely recommend you for my friends.
- Satisfied Customer

Prompt, Professional and High quality service. Exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend
We decided to do a home energy audit when we saw our electric bills going sky high.
Kyle had all the equipments to do the energy audit, including the blower door and a very expensive
infrared sensor camera (Yes, I asked him how much his camera would cost). His audit was very
thorough. Since we were not familiar with the procedure, he was very patient to explain everything
to my wife and me.

After the audit he sat with us and gave us a number of very good recommendations. Most of his
suggestions were very inexpensive DIY type of things. He even demonstrated how to insulate our
power outlets.

After a few days of his visit, he emailed a detailed report explaining all the specific
recommendations as well as suggesting simple things we can do to improve the energy efficiency of
our house. We saved his report on our computer and slowly implementing his recommendations
one after the other whenever we have free time.

If you are thinking of doing a home energy audit, I highly recommend Kyle and his company
Comfortable Home Energy Audit.
- Jay

Very thorough
- Annapolis, MD

2 hrs and I learned a lot and I'm one of those guys that watches all those home improvement shows
on cable.
- Chris

Working with Kyle and Comfortable Home Energy Audits was a pleasure. We received excellent and timely service, and Kyle was a great help in facilitating our Maryland Home Performance Rebate process. I wouldn't hesitate to recomment Comfortable Home Energy Audits to anyone interested in assessing or converting their home to a more energy efficient dwelling.
- The Brockways Potomac, MD

Following the Energy Audit I had Comfortable Home perform, they made me aware of many energy loss and energy waste areas of my home. I also decided to increase the R Factor rating in my attic with ten inches of cellulose insulation. Comfortable Home over saw the entire operation and ensured that every aspect of the work done was done correctly. They assisted me with the paperwork needed for State and Federal Energy Subsidies, advised me on what was the best strategy for the insulation addition, and followed up with me to ensure that everything had worked out to my satisfaction. I only wish that all the contractors I work with were as professional and willing to be helpful as Comfortable Home Energy Audits. If I ever need additional energy advice or energy saving suggestions, it will be Comfortable Home Energy Audits that I contact. Thank you all very much for all you have done for me at Comfortable Home.
- Satisfied Customer

I need a new furnace & the first HVAC company that I contacted told me about the Maryland Home Performance program and the rebates associated with it. Therefore I needed a home energy audit. I tried scheduling with a couple of other 'outfits' but they didn't work weekends or evenings which is difficult for me because my job requires that I work 9-5 (actually apparently theirs do to because that is when I could schedule time with them)and they were at least 3 weeks out in scheduling. Then I contacted Comfortable Homes; Kyle understood my dilemma and we scheduled a time for him to come perform the energy audit that was good with both of our schedules a Wednesday evening. Kyle arrived on time (a little early actually) and explained to me the tests he was performing and asked if I was interested in a quote for work that ameliorate some of the air leakage that occurs in an older home; I declined and he didn't push or give the hard sell. He continued the tests, pointing out along the way sources of big air leaks and recommending how we, the home owner, could improve the situation. These all appeared in his report as well. I am very happy with Comfortable Home and Kyle. He was knowledgeable, professional, courteous and understanding. I'd give him a 5 stars if this feedback system had a rating system.
-Cathy M

Dear Kyle,
This is to thank you and your team for helping us improve the insulation of our home. Since last night, the improvements have been clearly noticeable: the heater is now running much less frequently, and the humidity is at the ideal 50% with only the central humidifier running, whereas we could not bring it to more than 40% despite our central humidifier plus 4 more individual ones. Also, we felt less drafts inside the house. Thank you very much for your help.

For years have looked for someone to advise us on how to make our home more comfortable, decrease our power bill and reduce our carbon footprint. Kyle provided all of this with modest, thoughtful and thorough work. He and his employees were on time, careful with my home and completed the tasks quickly. Kyle even helped us navigate rebate options. Overall a very positive experience and would recommend Kyle and his team to anyone.
- Cathy B. Silver Spring

We went with Comfortable Home Energy LLC for our home energy audit and couldn’t be happier. Kyle was prompt, honest, and extremely thorough. We were able to get a complete report within a few days from the time we scheduled. I couldn’t even get an appointment elsewhere within that time. Appointment: I called Kyle Thursday and was able to book an appointment for a home energy audit on Sunday. Most other places only performed the audit on weekdays and was booked out for at least over a week. Arrival: Though Kyle was late to the appointment, he called me a head of time and informed me that he would run late and gave me the option to reschedule. This was a nice change since most other places would just let you wait and hold you up from doing other things. I kept the original appointment time. In speaking to him later, I found out that he was tied on up a job with another client and wanted to do a thorough job, instead of rushing to mine so I respect that. Audit: The audit took about 2.5 hours to complete. It went very smoothly. He explained all of the different tests he was doing. The best part was that he didn’t try to sell you other services. I hate it when contractors come to your house for an inspection, and instead of doing what they were suppose to do, they spend half the time trying to sell other stuff. Kyle was not like that. Instead of gave a lot of useful tips and recommended various products in case we wanted to embark on a DYI project ourselves. Report: I told Kyle I needed the report quickly so I could apply for Montgomery County’s rebate program since we were looking to replace our HVAC system. To my surprise, the report arrived the next day at night. The report was excellent and thorough. Kudos for all his efforts and help.
- R. H. Gaithersburg

The audit was enlightening. It was thorough and professionally presented.
- Satisfied Customer

Kyle was absolutely great. He turned up on time. He kept me informed, he was really knowlegable about the rebates which were available and was totally professional in everything he did. In fact I cannot think of anything that Kyle did wrong.
- Rick K. North Potomac

Kyle did the initial audit of our home and reviewed his findings with us before he left. Within a couple of days, he gave us a written report about his findings, recommendations to fix problems and an estimate for service coordinated by him. Kyle was informative about which solutions we could do ourselves, too. One of his recommendations for us was additional installation. He stayed at our home while the work was performed and communicated with the installers about every phase of the project. I didn’t have to worry about letting unknown people into our home because of Kyle’s presence. We fully expect to see savings on our next utility bill because of how efficiently the house warmed up when we turned the heat on this morning! Additionally, Kyle is courteous and prompt. He is knowledgeable about refunds through the state and even files the paperwork with your power company! We couldn’t have asked for an easier solution to this project.
- Donna S.

And again thank you for your expertise and all that you have done to help make our home a more energy efficient place.
- Jim F.

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