About Comfortable Home Energy Audits

Kyle Heister - Owner

Kyle Heister of Comfortable Home Energy Audits

Kyle Heister is an independent and unbiased Building Analyst Professional, certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). I have been involved with energy efficiency, home performance and building science long before I started Comfortable Home Energy Audits.

My first house was a historic home that was built in 1860, - this was just before energy efficient homes were a concern for builders. Builders back then would say, energy what?? My second and current home was built in 1975 and had many comfort issues of its own. Not only have I talked energy efficiency, comfort and energy savings, I have lived and experienced it firsthand. In 1999 I had a historic home renovated; my contractor went down to the four brick walls and started over. We were able to keep the charm of the old with things such as the exposed brick walls and the original wood floors while creating an energy efficient, cost effective and comfortable home. My current home had many comfort issues and was not energy efficient, which resulted in uncomfortable rooms and high energy bills. So I set out to reduce my lower my utility bills, energy usage and make my home more comfortable and energy efficient. After addressing these issues my wife and I were able to increase our comfort levels and reduce our energy usage by more than 50% (see testimonial).

While making these energy saving repairs and upgrades to our two homes I realized several things. First, how cost effective the work was. Second, how easy the work was to perform (many of the repairs were "Do It Yourself" projects) and third, how inexpensive the energy saving products and energy reducing materials were. Lastly, you don't always have to hire a contractor to be comfortable in your home. You just need to know where your home is losing money and how to go about fixing the issue(s). With that in mind I researched, studied, asked questions and spoke to people about their homes comfort level and energy consumption.

The Start of Comfortable Home Energy Audits

By having the passion and my firsthand experience in home energy efficiency and home performance I decided tto spread the word - this information is comforting and can help you save money! And so, I created Comfortable Home Energy Audits, where you will SEE and FEEL where your home is losing money

I currently live in southern Frederick County with my wife and two daughters. When I am not juggling being a father, husband and business owner I enjoy outdoor activities, handyman projects, exercising, watching the Redskins, Capitals, college football and spending time with friends and family. Oh yeah, one last thing, I am in favor of adding extra hours on to the day so I can take a nap every once in a while.