Home Energy Audits for Pepco & BGE Customers

Home energy inefficiency is frustrating for a number of different reasons – it not only can make your home more uncomfortable (whether from insufficient insulation or air leaks), but it can also lead to increased energy bills. Maximizing your home’s energy efficiency is difficult if you don’t know the source of the problem – and this is where an energy audit comes in handy!

For Pepco and BGE customers in Maryland, there’s even better news: you can get a discount home energy audit and a rebate for home improvement services, including home sealing!

Pepco & BGE Energy Audits

Comfortable Home Energy Audits offers BGE Home and Pepco customers $100 energy audits that have a value of $400! Customers who get an energy audit can also get up to 50% rebates for insulation and air sealing.

A Pepco and BGE energy audit consists of:

  • Exterior home inspection (gutters, downspouts, windows, etc.)
  • The blower door test
  • An infrared camera scan
  • Insulation and air leakage inspection (attic, basement, walls, etc.)
  • Fan, vent and ductwork inspection
  • Examination of combustion appliances
  • Gas leak inspection

Our home energy auditors in Maryland want to give you the best results and we do this this by taking a “whole house” approach and using state-of-the-art energy audit tools.

Improve Energy Efficiency with a Home Energy Audit

Our utility auditors are dedicated to helping you maximize energy efficiency and save money – all while living more comfortably! If you’re a Pepco or BGE Home customer and are interested in a discount energy audit, make Comfortable Home Energy Audits your go-to company.

Contact us for a home energy audit in Frederick, Damascus or any other surrounding areas in Maryland!