Why Get An Energy Audit for Your Home?

Who needs a Comfortable Home Energy Audit?

Whether you have a big, small, old or new home, you can benefit from a home energy audit by Comfortable Home Energy Audits. By having an energy audit performed on your home you are protecting your biggest investment. You will also see firsthand how efficiently your home is performing and you will see where your energy dollars are being wasted. The repairs are often times simple fixes such as caulk, weather stripping, insulating foam spray, foam board or additional insulation. You just need to know what areas need attention and how to address them. Many of the repairs are "Do It Yourself" projects. You will also learn energy saving practices and techniques throughout the audit and inspection process.

The most common misconception about a home's comfort level is that you have to spend thousands of dollars to be energy efficient and comfortable. That is just not true. Yes, there are some jobs that are best when left to the professionals such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning work. But for the most part if you have the time and interest you can save a lot of money by addressing the issues yourself. Our energy auditing teaches you much invaluable information.

When the home energy audit and the repairs are completed you will have a home that is more energy efficient, safe, durable and more comfortable. Additional benefits of home energy audits include, reduced air conditioning costs, even temperatures throughout the house and healthier indoor air quality.